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Players of the Month

January           Al Chiozzi                        93 PTS

February         Matt Hagen                    124 PTS

March             Matt Rothschild                87 PTS

April                Joe Donny                      109 PTS

May                 Larry Wagner                 105 PTS

June                Mike Gartner                  122 PTS


Leaderboards for Player of the Year and Player of the month will be calculated using a points system. Points will be awarded as follows:


2 pts for playing in a tourney + extra points for placing in the money.Extra points calculated as follows


1st gets (#of entries) * 100%

2nd gets (#of entries) * 70%

3rd gets (#of entries) * 50%

4th gets (#of entries) * 35%

5th gets (#of entries) * 20%

6th gets (#of entries) * 15%

7th gets (#of entries) * 10%

8th gets (#of entries) * 5%

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